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    Housing Corporation

    The Phi Kappa Sigma Housing Corporation is a separate legal entity from Skullumni, although both share in the goal of supporting the undergraduate chapter at the University of Maine. Reinvigorated with seven new members in October 2023, the Housing Corp's mission is to provide and maintain the chapter house at 89 College Avenue, Orono, Maine. Further, the Housing Corporation will ensure that current undergraduate Phi Kappa Sigma members have a safe, affordable, and desirable living environment to enhance the college and fraternity experience; and foster the affinity of alumni; and support the health, heritage, and future of the Alpha Delta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. 

    Current Officers

    President - Chris Hopper '95 (email: [email protected])
    Vice President - Ryan Demeny '01
    Secretary - Jerome Graffam '03
    Treasurer - Scott Cummings '93

    Current Trustees

    Patrick Penley '91
    Derek Jones '11
    Scott Morelli '99


    Future of the Chapter House

    The Corporation hosted a meeting at the Chapter House (and concurrently via Zoom) on Saturday, June 15, 2024. Over 20 alumni from the 1950s to 2010s attended either in person or online (thank you!) At the meeting, alumni got a tour of the house to see firsthand the repairs needed in order for the chapter to return in January 2025. (More information about these repairs and the purpose of this meeting can be found here in a comprehensive letter from Corporation President Chris Hopper.) Alumni also discussed and debated for over three hours on which options to present to ALL alumni to determine the future of the Chapter House. In general, the three options that will be sent to alumni for a vote in the near future are:

    1. Raise nearly $175,000 in alumni donations between now and September 15 in order to repair the house for a January 1, 2025 move in date for the chapter (assuming their petition to return is approved AND they have enough members left after a membership review to sustain the house financially); or
    2. Lease the house to another Greek organization, who in exchange for a long-term agreement (10-15 years?), would fund the needed initial repairs ($175,000) and then other renovation costs to make the house liveable, with the chapter's eventual return after that time period; or
    3. Sell the chapter house to the university or another Greek organization, and either seek to buy a smaller, cheaper house (although it might not be able to be an officially sanctioned chapter house) after all debts are settled, or not buy a house and have the chapter meet in a building on campus, if they would even return without a house.

    More information on these options and how you can vote on your preferred choice will be made available in the coming days. A recording of the June 15th house tour and meeting will be posted in the near future.

    Regular Housing Corp Meetings

    The Corporation board meets regularly via Zoom and alumni are invited to join in these discussions. Below please find the upcoming meeting dates/times and Zoom participation info.

    Jul 21, 2024 05:00 PM
    Aug 18, 2024 05:00 PM
    Sep 15, 2024 05:00 PM
    Oct 20, 2024 05:00 PM
    Nov 17, 2024 05:00 PM
    Dec 15, 2024 05:00 PM
    Jan 19, 2025 05:00 PM
    Feb 16, 2025 05:00 PM

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 857 6960 6522

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    Archive Preservation

    GOAL: $35,000.00

    Before fire, flood, or time destroys our remaining chapter historical archives, the time has come to preserve and protect them.

    Skullumni has partnered with two firms to help with the restoration process. The first firm – Northeast Document Conservation Center – will XXX clean and restore XXX old minutes books, photographs, and other documents, while also digitizing them. The other firm – HistoryIT – will digitize composites and other items. Not only many of these documents be protected and preserved for the future, digitization will ensure that they are far more accessible to alumni as some items will be placed into an online “museum” accessible to Skullumni members.

    The cost for these services will be $42,500. Skullumni has already allocated $7,500 in this year’s budget toward this project. Now, we are seeking alumni donations to close the gap of $35,000 to make this project a reality. Our goal is to have these documents preserved and digitized in time for display this October at our 125th anniversary Homecoming.

    Your one-time or recurring monthly donation is needed to preserve these archives now and forever. All donors will be recognized in a variety of ways: at Homecoming where we unveil the restored archives, on the website where select archives will be displayed, in Skullumni’s annual newsletter, and on a plaque at the chapter house.

    THANK YOU for your gift.


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    2022-23 Annual Newsletter Coming Soon!

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    Thank You for Registering

    Thank you for registering for the Summer Gathering for Randy King. In order to select a room for the weekend, please click on the link below (or copy it into your browser) and complete the form.

    Thank you.


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    Annual Newsletter Coming Soon!

    Dear Skullumnus - 

    It's that time of year ... time for Skullumni's annual newsletter. Starting next week, alumni should begin receiving their copy, along with a request to renew their membership dues for 2018 (or for some, a request to donate for the first time!). As you will note in the screenshot below, there are a number of entertaining articles in this year's edition of Black & Old Gold, including a recap of Homecoming 2017, observations from a wild tailgating experience, a listing of our Voting Members, an article on the Alumnus of the Year, and update on Br. Randy King's battle with cancer, and more! 

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    Updated Chapter Eternal Listing

    It's been a few years since we last updated the "Chapter Eternal" listing of deceased brothers from the Alpha Delta Chapter. Today we were finally able to update this list, thanks to assistance from the University of Maine Alumni Association. Alumni who are Skullumni Voting Members (i.e. those who have paid dues for 2017) have access to this content via the Chapter Room feature on our website. Contact information for alumni is also exclusively available to our Voting Members. Click here for more info on how to become a Voting Member.

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