About Skullumni

Formed in November 2001 and chartered in January 2002, Skullumni is the official alumni organization for members of the Alpha Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma from the University of Maine.  All alumni are members of Skullumni and those who make a donation are considered Voting Members, which entitles them to privileges that non-Voting Members do not receive.  Skullumni organizes alumni events such as Homecoming and keeps alumni connected and informed through frequent correspondence.  Skullumni also assists the undergraduate chapter as needed.

Mission Statement

"To develop and perpetuate an enjoyable, sustained, and respected Alumni Chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity with the chief objectives of growth, unity, involvement, and most importantly, guidance and support of the Undergraduate Brotherhood.  To deliver to our members a continually expanding range of networking abilities, alumni functions and social events, donation opportunities, and a life-long commitment to Brotherhood.  In all endeavors of the organization, to act in a character of good faith and fairness and, at all times, to hold the welfare and success of the Alpha Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma in a regard superior to that of all other interests."


From Article I, Section 2 of Skullumni’s bylaws:

"The Alumni Chapter is organized exclusively for educational, social, and charitable purposes.  More specifically, the purpose of the Alumni Chapter is three-fold:

  1. To increase alumni involvement in and support of the Undergraduate Chapter; and
  2. To organize events for alumni members and to provide a resource that enables alumni members to keep in contact; and
  3. To increase alumni involvement in the affairs of the Fraternity in general and in the communities in which alumni live."

Privacy Statement

From Article VII, Section 1 of Skullumni’s bylaws:

"It shall be the policy of the Alumni Chapter to not disclose any contact information that it stores on it members to outside organization, including the sale of these names to third party companies.  The Alumni Chapter may, from time to time, provide updates on the contact information of its members to the University of Maine (including the Alumni Association), the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity, any organization bearing the Phi Kappa Sigma name, including the undergraduate chapter and housing corporation, and to the Voting Members of the Alumni Chapter.  Contact information may only be granted to third parties who are doing work for the Alumni Chapter – such as consultant for a house renovations fundraiser – only if said party agrees to keep the information confidential and to not use it or distribute it for any other purposes.  The Alumni Chapter may publicize the names of its Voting Members but shall only list the members’ state of residence and year of graduation."

In addition, Skullumni shall only send text messages to those who have opted-in to receive them. Generally, Skullumni will send text messages once per month. When collecting mobile phone numbers, Skullumni shall include an opt-in option with the following disclosure: "Message and data rates may apply."

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