House Renovations: The Next 100 Years

Renovation Photo

The long-awaited house renovations are nearly complete!  Click here to view photos of the progress.

Since Skullumni's inception in 2001, a major goal has been to see that the Alpha Delta chapter house receive long overdue repairs and renovations.  The house is now over 110 years old and has not had major renovations since the wings were added 60+ years ago.  The house has stood the test of time but it also also begun to show its age.

In 2004, Skullumni officially formed the Chapter House Renovations Committee and asked Brother Shawn Harris '91 to chair this committee.  Since this time, alumni spanning many decades - including members of the Housing Corporation - as well as undergraduates have meet frequently to discuss what repairs and renovations are needed and how funds for such a capital project will be raised.  At Homecoming 2013, alumni got to see first hand the progress that has been made on phase one (first floor) and phase two (second floor) of the renovations.

For much more information about the renovations, including how you can donate to the effort, visit the Chapter House Renovations website at